Do you also need a solution to unprotect your Excel VBA file? Are you planning to change the password for the excel file and create a new one? If so, you should read this article to find out more about how to delete password from Excel VBA files. We'll provide a variety of solutions to solve your issue promptly. Let's get going.

Professional Method to Delete Password from Excel VBA Files

Use of the Best 4n6 VBA Password Remover Software is one of the most efficient methods available to delete password from Excel VBA files. It is risk-free and completely safe. This application offers a highly user-friendly graphical user interface. Please read the step-by-step producer guidelines below and keep them in mind as you progress if you want to acquire the answers:

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How to Use Excel VBA Password Recovery Software?

  1. Download the Excel VBA Password Recovery software and then install it
  2. After that, click on the open button and then upload the Excel VBA files with the help of the Excel file option
  3. Thereafter, click on the Action button and then select the Remove Password option 
  4. Choose the preferred location path and then finally hit the Save button 

delete password from Excel VBA files

Requirements of Manual Solutions 

We'll discuss three different manual procedures in this section. So before we start the manual manner, let's look at the criteria of the manual technique.

Criteria for the Manual Method:

  • You must ensure that all of the VBA files are backed up.
  • Although XLSM and XLSX files are quite similar, you must enable the macros in order to convert .xlsm files to .xlsx format.

Disable Excel VBA Password by Using Hex Editor 

  1. After loading XLS in Hex Editor, you should create a brand new file.
  2. Pressing "Alt" and "F11" at the same time will open a password prompt for the VBA section.
  3. If you're done, choose Save and Exit from the File menu.
  4. The most recent document you created should be opened now.
  5. Keep all the text that starts with



  6. To understand how to crack a VBA password in Excel 2007, just copy the lines and paste them into the file you want to utilize.
  7. Upon finishing the above steps, save the file and choose "Exit."
  8. In order to see the VBA code, open the Excel file containing it and enter the password you just made.

You may go on to the next strategy if your system lacks a Hex editor.

Delete password from Excel VBA files by Using WorkBook Method 

  1. You should start by opening the Workbook that includes the sheets that are protected.
  2. Pressing the "Alt" and "F11" keys simultaneously will do global spellcheck on all open documents.
  3. You may now paste the code inside an Insert-Module directive.
  4. After that, exit the VB Editor and enter the spreadsheet where the protected VBA code is located.
  5. Just type "Tools-Macro-Macros" and double-click the resultant icon to hack any password.

These are the steps to use a workbook to delete password from Excel VBA files. Your VBA password may be changed using this method. If this strategy doesn't work, you may attempt the next step.

Disable Password Protection from Excel VBA Project by Using WinZip/WinRar

  1. The .xlsm file has to be renamed as the initial step.
  2. Launch WinZip or WinRar and choose the .xl folder located within archive.
  3. You may now study the vbaProject.bin file that was previously concealed in the .xl folder using a Hex editor.
  4. A computer's navigation system must be used to access the DPB file before the DPX file may be used in its place.
  5. Take care to save the original file once you've made the required adjustments.
  6. Replace the vbaProject.bin file below file with the previously saved file.
  7. In this situation, you must convert the zip file to a .xlsm file.
  8. By choosing the "Tools" menu option, Microsoft Excel's Visual Basic Editor will be launched.
  9. By selecting "VBA Project Properties," you may go to the "Protection" page.
  10. Change the password once you're done, then save the file as a .xlsm.
  11. Finally, all that's left to do is save the file, and then reopen it with the new password.


We covered a variety of techniques to delete password from Excel VBA files in the blog article above. You may choose between manual and expert methods. This strategy, however, could be a bit challenging, time-consuming, and sophisticated for you if you are a non-technical user. Therefore, we propose disabling the XLSM VBA project password using the aforementioned utility.

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