What is Windows Backup BKF Files?

A Windows NTbackup archive file, or BKF file, is one that Windows Backup produces. Copies of files kept on Windows NT version computers are kept in the BKF file format. Backup data with a .bkf suffix is kept in these BKF files. The Windows Backup Utility or Microsoft Backup Utility, which is included in Windows NT through Windows XP editions, is essentially what the BKF file extension is associated with.

This file was created primarily for system data backup storage on all devices. In the event of an unexpected system shutdown, malware attack, or other data loss, it can assist you in recovering files from a Windows image backup.

How to Get BKF Files?

BKF files are accessible from an outdated Windows system. The C:\Windows\System32 destination address can be used to copy these files. In addition to these executables and support files, Microsoft also offers plug-ins. Also, the cab file may be downloaded on the web.

How to Open Windows Backup BKF Files in Windows 10 & 11 Versions?

There is no solution to recover BKF files on Windows 11/10 since Microsoft deleted NTBackup.exe from the operating system. The NTBackup tool must be manually downloaded and executed in order to open BKF files, but this is still possible.

Following are the instructions for using NTBackup to restore data.

  1. Open NTBackup.exe, choose to Restore files and settings, and then press Next.
  2. Find your BKF file by double-clicking the backup identification label, checking the box, and clicking Next. If you're having trouble finding the BKF file, you may use the Browse... button to look for it.
  3. To select a place to restore files, click the Advanced... option and then one of the drop-down menus: Original location, Alternative location, or Single folder.

    If you select the Alternative location, you may manually select the place by clicking the Explore... option.
  4. The method you wish to use to restore already-existing files on your computer is up to you. There are 3 choices: Replace existing files if they are older than the backup files, Replace existing files, and Leave existing files (Recommended).
  5. Afterward, you may decide whether to restore specific system files or security ones. Choose the choices you wish to utilize here:

    Restore security configurations

    Restore junction points but not the files and directories they link to

    keep the current volume mount points
  6. The restore procedure will then begin after you click the Complete button.

Limitations of This Method

  • If the backup is kept on tape, this approach will not function. Backups need to be kept on the actual system.
  • Due to the lengthy and painstaking nature of the process, novice users may find this technique challenging.
  • If the BKF file is corrupt in any way, this procedure will not function at all.

Alternate Method to Open BKF Files 

You may infer from the information above that most computers do not recognize the BKF file. In order to properly safeguard your data after removing it from the BKF file, you should back it up on your Windows 11/Windows 10 computer.

You may use advanced software to repair and open BKF files called 4n6 BKF Repair Tool. With the aid of this software, you may recover, repair, and open your corrupted Windows BKF files on a variety of operating systems, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Windows Server.

How to Use this third party tool on your System?

  1. Download this software after visiting the product page and then install or run this software on your system 
  2. Press the Open button and then choose the windows backup bkf files by pressing the “chosen folder or choosing file” option 
  3. Now, you can preview your Windows Backup BKF file’s data on the utility panel 
  4. Thereafter, press the Action tab and then click the Extract option in the drop-down menu 
  5. Lastly, choose the desired location for your data and press the Save button 


Although BKF files are not frequently utilized, we must have mentioned that they do have some utility. You might occasionally need to examine bkf files to view what's inside or to locate certain information. With this post, we hope to have pointed you in the proper way to open BKF files and assisted you in doing your duties more effectively.